MaryJaneLewis-logo-horizontalA university education is a privilege most bright young people look forward to. For some it is a straightforward journey, for others family circumstances and financial hardship make it much more difficult. The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships of $10,000 a year for three years, for young women to undertake an undergraduate degree.

why we exist

The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation exists because there are still many young women in our community today who simply cannot afford to attend university. While fees can be deferred, these girls are often playing a critical role in family care and juggling several part-time jobs to fund themselves and the family, which means they can’t simply step away from their situation and responsibilities to attend university. They need money for books and expenses, for travel, and often for accommodation away from home. They need to be able to ensure that they can support themselves and they are not a burden to their family, so that they can concentrate on their studies and achieve the life-changing results possible from a tertiary education.
MaryJane-scholarship-programBoys are given this opportunity through the Dafydd Lewis Trust, which was generously funded by its benefactor 70 years ago. The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation is grateful for the practical support provided by its partner organisation, and for the financial donations of former Dafydd Lewis Trust scholars. But the fact remains that young women are still struggling to attain, complete and build on a university degree. In a decade, with limited funds, we have seen what is possible, and what a difference a scholarship can make.


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Every year dozens of exceptional students apply for this unique scholarship. They are girls who have overcome financial constraints and often a challenging home life to become excellent academic performers, with a genuine commitment to living life to its fullest. In the ten years since it was established, 21 young women have overcome a difficult start in life to become accomplished professionals in a range of careers, as a result of their university achievements.



history not herstory

When the Dafydd Lewis Trust was founded by its Welsh-born benefactor in 1943, the boys-only scholarship was proclaimed as an “advance in the democracy of education”. Sixty years later, the Dafydd Lewis Trustees recognised that democracy should also apply to female scholars, but they were unable to provide funds under the terms of Lewis’ will. Instead, they helped to found the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation, named after Dafydd’s wife, and many former Dafydd Lewis Trust Scholars were more than happy to “give back” to the cause by providing a donation to set up the new trust fund for girls.
MaryJaneLewis-scholarshipThe Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation, however, remains reliant on the funding of donors. Over the years, its limited corpus of funds has been reduced, and it is now only able to provide two scholarships a year, despite the large numbers of worthy recipients who apply. The Board and supporters of MJL Scholarship Foundation are determined to change this, but they need your help.

friends and scholars

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Donate and join these generous people in supporting tertiary education for young women.

Current Scholars:

Therese Hoang
Dalina Pho
Ebony Ayres
Mariam Haliem
Sandy Hung
Dominique Tasevski
Jessica Chester
Bridget Lee
Jade Moss
Emily Thompson

Completed Scholars:

Hannah French
Nikki Grieve
Sarah Green
Muna Nor
Kimberley Scott
Emily Thornton
Vanessa Tucker
Ruby Wang
Elvedina Bektasevic
Sophea Hay

Julia Maurus
Claire Weeden
Madelaine Tesoriero
Melissa Garwood
Maria Ilinova
Anastasia Plischka
Meilun Ly
Alice Zhou
Courtney Anders
Isobel Leggett
Nhi Tran


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