Turning ambition into reality

Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation

Turning Ambition Into Reality​

The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation was established in 2004 in recognition that talented young women should be supported to achieve their higher education goals. The Foundation provides scholarships each year for three years, for eligible young women to take on an undergraduate degree.

Our scholarships provide women with the support they need to receive tertiary education that they would otherwise miss out on due to family, financial or other circumstances.

Why Mary Jane Lewis Scholarships exist

Many bright young people look forward to university education. For some, it is a straightforward journey but, for others, family circumstances and financial hardship make it much more difficult.

The MJL Scholarship Foundation exists to give these talented, hardworking women a chance to pursue their educational dreams.

Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation
About the MJL Scholarship Foundation
Since our establishment in 2004, the MJL Scholarship Foundation has played a vital role in many young women’s journeys through higher education to pursue their dreams. We have an amazing team of trustees, ambassadors, alumni and professionals who all share in our goal to help scholarship recipients succeed.
Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation
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Our scholarship council provides young women in Victoria with financial assistance to help them achieve an undergraduate degree. If you have attended an Australian state secondary school for at least five consecutive years and are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Victoria, you may be eligible to apply.

Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation
Donate to support education and opportunities for young women
Donors like you help the MJL Scholarship Foundation fulfill our mission. Your help ensures we can continue assisting dedicated, deserving students in Australia. If you want to help turn a student’s ambitions into reality this year, click the button to see how you can donate. Your help is always appreciated.

To learn more about applying for or donating to the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation please call Equity Trustees on 03 8623 5000.