Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation

Real impact through opportunity

Since its creation in 2004 the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation has shown young women from all across Australia what’s possible with the right support. 

In the 20 years since it was established, over 55 young women have accessed the scholarship and commenced their careers in many professions. With your help, we can continue to provide these women with the chance to concentrate on their studies and achieve the life-changing results possible through tertiary education.

Being a Mary Jane Lewis Scholar offered me not only financial support as I undertook my undergraduate studies but also an opportunity to expand my network and expose myself to a myriad of inspirational women and men. 

2012 marked the completion of my Bachelor of Biomedicine undergraduate degree and the end of my scholarship, but I continued to identify myself as a Mary Jane Lewis Scholar.

Meilun Ly

Scholarship Recipient

Trustee: Equity trustees wealth services limited

Equity Trustees was established in 1888 and is now Australia’s leading specialist trustee company. They’ve been helping Australians manage their wealth for more than 130 years, managing 500+ charitable trusts and distributing nearly $70 million of grants to charities, organisations and individuals annually.

Equity Trustees has been the Trustee of the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation since inception, responsible for all aspects of governance, administration and investment of the Trust.

Ambassador: Elizabeth Broderick AO

As our ambassador, Elizabeth Broderick has been a powerful voice in the struggle for gender equality over the years. As Australia’s longest-serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007-2015), she was then appointed an Office of the Order of Australia (2016) and is now a Special Advisor to the Executive Director of UN Women on Private Sector Engagement.

Elizabeth is also the Global Co-Chair of UN Global Compact’s Women’s Empowerment Principles Leadership Group and a member of the Australian Defence Force Gender Equality Board, the Australian Rugby Union Board, formerly a member of the World Bank Gender Advisory Council and Senior Advisor to the Australian Federal Police Commissioner on cultural reform.

To learn more about applying for or donating to the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation please call Equity Trustees on 03 8623 5000.