Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation

Explore the Dafydd Lewis Trust Scholarship in Australia​

Like the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation exists for young women in Australia, The Dafydd Lewis Trust exists to provide the same opportunities to young men. Our organisations thrive hand in hand, offering financial assistance to help students obtain their undergraduate degrees. We’re proud to empower future generations!

About The Dafydd Lewis Trust Scholarship​

When the Dafydd Lewis Trust was founded by its Welsh-born benefactor in 1943, the boys-only scholarship was proclaimed as an “advance in the democracy of education”.

Sixty years later, the Dafydd Lewis Trustees recognised that democracy should also apply to female scholars, but they were unable to provide funds under the terms of Lewis’ will. Instead, they helped to found the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation, named after Dafydd’s wife. Many former Dafydd Lewis Trust Scholars were more than happy to “give back” to the cause by providing a donation to set up the new trust fund for girls.

For questions about the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation or The Dafydd Lewis Trust, call us on 03 8623 5000.