Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation

Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship information and FAQs

Do you have questions about applying for financial assistance from the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation? You’re not alone. We developed this FAQs page to address the most common questions we receive from potential applicants. Scroll through the list of questions below to see if we already have an answer for you. If you can’t find the scholarship information you’re looking for, contact us for help.


Boys are encouraged to apply for a Dafydd Lewis Trust scholarship. You will find information about the Dafydd Lewis Trust scholarship on the website

Yes, the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship is equity and merit-based. All applicants are subject to a personal and parental income test. Successful applicants are awarded a scholarship based on academic achievements as well as financial needs.

There is no age restriction for applicants, however, please note the restrictions regarding secondary education.
You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia and have been educated at a state secondary school for not less than five (5) consecutive years preceding the award of the scholarship. Applicants holding humanitarian visas may be granted scholarships if they meet the following criteria: The applicant has been granted asylum, was a refugee or has been provided citizenship or residency on other humanitarian grounds; and The applicant has been educated at a state secondary school for not less than two (2) consecutive years preceding the award of the scholarship.
There are no restrictions on courses that can be studied.

For applicants commencing tertiary studies in 2023, combined parental income must not exceed $91,036.40 per annum (earnings in 2021/2022).

You must submit a copy of your original birth certificate with a version translated into English accompanying it.
If your parents (or custodial parent) are divorced or separated but they both still support you then financial details from both are required.
If only one parent contributes to your maintenance and that parent does not receive maintenance from the other parent, information about the contributing parent’s income will be sufficient.
This means the name of your final high school examination. In Victoria, this means VCE or IB.
A liability is money owing on any assets e.g. a mortgage or personal loan.

Your application itself, and any documentation of a personal nature such as a birth certificate, passport photograph or any financial documents attached to your application will be treated confidentially.

Please refer to Equity Trustees’ privacy statement for further details:

  • Copies of your parent/guardian’s most recent tax return notices of assessment.
  • A signed personal referee statement attesting to your academic history and circumstances.
  • Applicant Statement – This is your personal reflection and overview communicating who you are as a person. The Scholarship Council is interested in learning more about your personal interests and activities (e.g. hobbies, sports, other achievements etc).
  • A copy of your birth certificate (see FAQ relating to birth certificates).
  • Evidence of Australian citizenship, permanent residency or humanitarian visa (if applicable).
  • Proof of government allowance/subsidy.
  • If you would like to attach any further documents you can upload them at the end of the application. 

The closing date for the 2024 round is Saturday 23rd December 2023 at 11:59pm. 

Interviews will be conducted in late January 2024. If you are selected to progress to the interview stage, you will be invited to attend by telephone or email a few days before the interviews are held. We will be guided by the prevailing public health advice as to whether interviews will be conducted in person or via Zoom video conferencing, and will keep you advised.

Currently, successful applicants may attend any public tertiary educational institution in Victoria which is charitable by law and endorsed as DGR Item 1 under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. For example, this includes the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University, La Trobe University and RMIT University. If you have any questions about the university you wish to apply to, please call us.
At the time of the application, the applicant (or their family) must have received Austudy or the Youth Allowance or equivalent allowance or tax benefit for the entire final secondary school year and provide proof of this.

If you have additional questions or need more scholarship information, contact the Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship Foundation on 03 8623 5000.